Great fit, good comfort performance, class-leading internal protection. Rebelhorn presents kevlar motorbike jeans: Classic II, Eagle II, and a brand new model Vandal to come this spring.

Rebelhorn’s motorbike jeans are killing the legendary denim swag, at the same time keeping you safe when riding a motorcycle.

a man wearing motorcycle riding jeans on a ducati motocyle

Kevlar motorcycle jeans you can feel safe in

The Rebelhorn Classic II, Eagle II, and Vandal motorbike jeans feature CE-certified knee and hip protectors, which significantly enhance the safety of a rider. Both included in the price. What’s more, their design allows for perfect positioning or even pulling out the protectors, without taking off the trousers. So you can wear your favorite motorbike jeans on a daily basis and still feel casual.For even more comfort and safety, those jeans are equipped with flexible and abrasion-resistant panels of Dupont™ Kevlar® sewn inside the key protection areas. And double and triple stitches to improve motorcycle jeans’ durability. You can be sure you’re perfectly visible on the road because these jeans are equipped with reflective elements.

Roll-up leg of Rebelhorn motorcycle jeans

Slim fit motorcycle jeans, also for women

All three models of jeans have a well-fitted cut type look, with Classic II being available in regular and slim-fit cut types, and Vandal as a tapered leg cut. The Rebelhorn Eagle II motorbike kevlar jeans have additional elastic inserts above the knees, in the crotch, and on the inner parts of the thighs. And thanks to the elastane in the fabric you can enjoy both — a perfect fit and freedom of movement. You get this, without compromising your style. On top of that, there are functional loops that enable using a belt or a strap for fastening with the jacket and ensure the highest level of ergonomy, so crucial on a motorcycle.Ladies, don’t envy male riders anymore. The Rebelhorn Classic II and Vandal jeans come in a woman’s version as well. You can choose from blue, dark blue, and black colors of denim. Slim-fit of course. Protection and style brought together at last!

the motorcyclist puts the protector in his knee pocket

Brand new Vandal motorcycle jeans

 Rebels stay rebels, right? We’ve been there. That’s why we have designed Rebelhorn Vandal motorcycle jeans for you. It is a brand new model in the offer but features old, verified solutions: Kevlar® lining, adjustable hip and knee protectors, spandex and elastane fibers, good ventilation, external pockets, and a zipper fastening trousers with the jacket.The characteristic ribbed panels above the knees and the lumbar section make a professional biker swag. These well-armored motorbike kevlar jeans give you exactly what you need for all-year riding: comfort, safety, durability, and style.

a motorcyclist in Rebelhorn Kevlar motorcycle jeans stands leaning against a red dumpster

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