Rebelhorn Brutale – brute force combined with functional beauty

Something should be said brutally: Rebelhorn Brutale rubbed asphalt with its competition in the category of summer motorcycle jackets. Here’s the hard evidence.

It will be ridden again! Rebelhorn has turned to the twisted tuners and designed a fierce firecracker for the summer! The Rebelhorn Brutale Jacket is like a turbocharged liter with a nitrous oxide injection – it blows you out of your shoes. Everyone who has had the pleasure to see it so far, right after the usual exclamation „oh!…“, said the same thing – “that’s exactly what I needed”.

a motocyclist in rebelhorn brutale motocycle jacketRebelhorn Brutale – the motorcycle jacket riders needed

Daniel from accurately called the Rebelhorn Brutale “a case for protectors”. Creating a textile motorcycle jacket for summer was as ingenious as it was obvious. It’s strange no one has come up with it before. In fact, the only better idea for the summer would be sticking the protectors on your bare skin.

Two bikers sit backwards on the steps, one is standing. Dressed in Rebelohorn Brutale jackets.

A wind of change – mesh armored motorcycle jacket

There are no ventilation pads added in the Brutale Rebelhorn. Why? Because the jacket itself is made of high-performance ventilation mesh material, sewn together with multiple seams. This structure includes a package of the best SAS-TEC CE-level 2 protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and on the back.

Three bikers are sitting on the steps wearing the Rebelhorn Brutale jacketsThe latter deserves special attention due to its surface. It is as big as the Ronald Reagan airfield. In the event of a collision, you will break a tree with your back rather than injure your ribs. You can also use the SAS-TEC SC-1 / CP2 chest protector.

Perfect design of a textile motorcycle jacket

The design of the Brutale Jacket proves that it wasn’t created by some random mushroom pickers. Nay! It looks like a bulletproof vest designed for security guards at fashion fairs. Rebelhorn combined brute force with functional beauty. Anyone who buys this jacket will receive ten beauty points. Trust me, the rider’s glare will not only come from the reflective elements.

Three bikers stand on the beach wearing Rebelhorn Brutale clothes Mesh jacket’s functionalities

Even though Brutale summer jackets are made of Steel Mesh and Tactel, Rebelhorn managed to equip them with many functionalities. The 4-way nylon stretch panels will wrap wearers as tenderly as Juliet her Romeo. The jacket has adjustment straps on the shoulders and hips. Six pockets, including a waterproof one, will allow you to hide what’s most valuable.

A motorcycle rider wearing a Rebelhorn Brutale sits on a red motorcycle.Editor’s diagnosis of Rebelhorn Brutale

Is it worth spending PLN 649 on the Rebelhorn Brutale jacket? You’ll see in the summer when black leathers will burn your back with live, hellfire. When through the poor vents, flows only as much air as a climber can draw at a height of 8 thousand meters. I am spending the money saved on fuel on the Brutale. Summer will be hot!

Sunset, motorcyclist in frontOrder Rebelhorn Brutale for free to the store

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