Rebelhorn Rebel motorcycle suit – excellent quality at the best price

If you think that the best motorcycle suits are made only in sunny Italy, you are wrong. The latest work from the Polish company Rebelhorn – the Rebel and Rebel Lady racing suits – will surprise you with its quality, design, and good price.

Designing a perfect motorcycle suit that meets the high requirements of its users is not a simple matter. Rebelhorn Rebel was not created in a week, month, or even a year, the process took over two years. The two-piece suit is a result of hard work, rich experience of the Rebelhorn brand, months of design and reflection, and a whole lot of top solutions

Motorcycle leather suit for strong naked bikes

There are a whole lot of strictly sports suits available on the market, which are intended for riding on super sports motorcycles, mainly on the racetrack. Rebelhorn specialists noticed the gap that most of us don’t ride super sports motorbikes, but bikes with sporty performance, such as strong Naked bikes, which we use mainly on public roads, and only occasionally visit race tracks. So they decided to create a product from scratch that will be suitable for such purposes.

The ultimate racing leather suit by Rebelhorn

Rebel is not the first leather suit by Rebelhorn (the manufacturer has already produced several of them), but it is definitely the first one that is so advanced. The idea that guided its creators was to sew the suit from the best, state-of-the-art materials, ensuring the highest level of safety and comfort. What has until now been reserved only for expensive products manufactured in Italy. Rebel is intended to offer the same quality but at a more affordable price.

motocyclist riding a red bike

It has to look good and has to protect

The appearance of the Rebel was also important – after all, the sports suit just has to look good on you. It all started with a drawing, in fact, some drawings on the tablet. A professional designer made countless sketches until the best, unique pattern was finally selected and approved. What you see is the result of this process.

The Rebelhorn Rebel an effect of analysis of dozens of motorcycle suits

A good idea, the best materials available, and a unique design are not enough, though, to create a super-safe suit. To sew it, designers have analyzed dozens of leather suits damaged in accidents. In this way they came up with the idea of using a very durable material, called Super Fabric, to secure the seams on the forearm, which are often damaged in regular suits.Other materials used for production of Rebel are, for example, very durable nylon stretch, and Kevlar. This combination pads out the inner part of the sleeves, which makes them light, stretchy, and at the same time resistant to abrasion, even more than leather. The suit itself was made mainly of the best quality cowhide leather, 1.1 – 1.3 mm thick, additionally secured with Kevlar pads in critical areas. Hips, shoulders, elbows, back, and knees protectors are Sas-Tec level 2 built into the suit. If this wasn’t enough for you, you could equip the Rebel with a chest protector as well.

rebel motocycle leather suit

The Rebelhorn Rebel – even more functionality

On top of that, the Rebelhorn Rebel suit is also equipped with removable external elements, designed from scratch in the 3D program, such as shoulder protectors, elbow and knee sliders fastened with Velcro.

three bikers riding bikes on a desert

The perforation of the leather ensures thermal comfort when driving on warm days, and a specially designed hump ensures better air circulation. While on cold days the motorcyclist is protected by a wind-blocker, a special vest that comes with the suit for free. You can put it on both over and under the jacket, which will ensure comfort despite the cold, even when the weather suddenly changes.

Leather motorcycle jacket great with jeans

Two parts of the Rebel suit – a jacket and trousers – can be purchased separately, choosing the right size and color (there are four color patterns). Importantly, the jacket itself fits perfectly with motorcycle jeans. So buying a set, you have an outfit for both sports fun and your daily commute.

Rebelhorn Rebel Lady – Designed with Speed Ladies

Women riding on bikes will surely be pleased that there is also a female version of Rebel – the Rebel Lady. The Rebelhorn team invited Speed Ladies to work on it. The girls took part in every stage of creating this model – from the concept, through the pattern, color selection, cuts, to the tests. Thanks to this, as they say, a women’s motorcycle suit, which is not merely a smaller version of a man’s suit, has finally appeared on the market. It is a motorcycle gear designed especially for women and meeting their needs.

women in rebelhorn rebel suitSo what is the Rebelhorn Rebel Lady like? Firstly it is comfortable. Secondly, safe. And finally, it perfectly fits the female figure.Ladies and gentlemen, keep an eye out!


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