What could be more fun than spending an afternoon outside playing in the mud, dirt, and rain? The smells, the sounds, and the feel of dirty skin against clean air are all incredibly satisfying. Why do we feel these delicious sensations so profoundly? Well, in part, it's because this environment matches our fundamental biology. We are designed to adapt to a world of off-road activities.

At Rebelhorn, we don't segregate petrolheads from mountain bikers or skaters from wakeboarders. We encourage people of all disciplines to get together and get to know each other. Getting dirty makes us appreciate the world more profoundly, and we become more connected to the environment and get to know each other.

If you are having fun with us, your background doesn't matter. When your office home invites you for a day in the mud with some heavy 4X4 cars, you say yes and think about the consequences of this decision later.

This urge to try made Rebelhorn what it is today. We give each other a chance to impress others, and if it works out, we dig deeper – learn the curve and push forward. Sometimes it breaks us, and sometimes, we get better. But we always know something and have fun doing it.

We don't only work. We live and share our experiences with our friends and show respect to others around us. It may be through a cup of hot coffee on a tough day or a cold beer by the end of it.

After all, isn't that what life is all about? Days like this pictured here are what we want to share with everyone. People get old fast; help them out and bring their asses for a good ride.

It is insane how fast adults become kids again when the engine has enough power to tug them forward. Watching mud splatter on your face as you speed down a hill is one of those moments where you forget you are an adult and get immersed in the present.

It's a great way to combine passion and team building as, believe us, you need a lot of passion and will to kneel in the cold mud to get your jeep out! You don't need to make a big scene to let the world know how much you love the sport! Being out there helping each other to get the most fun out of it and learn new stuff beats most of the typical weekend activities.

Go out there and try new activities to become a better all-around rider. Make new friends. Live now. You could try to do the same stuff on your motorbike, but making it possible to bring your kid on the road and beat your boss at the mud crossing challenge will make you smile at the end of the day! Thank you for another great day, Matt, Matix, Sławol, Damiś, Rzadki, Karlos and others who made this day special!