Terms and Conditions

We’d like to encourage you to read the following document about terms and conditions of using the rebelhorn.com Website. This way, you’ll know how we adhere to your rights and how you can use the Website in accordance with the rules.


§1 Initial provisions

  1. This document defines rules of using the rebelhorn.com Website.
  2. The condition for using the Website is to read and accept Terms and Conditions. By accepting Terms and Conditions, each User of the Website undertakes to obey the rules. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions takes place when the user starts using the Website.
  3. The User undertakes to use the Website according to Terms and Conditions, integral parts of Terms and Conditions as well as commonly applicable provisions of the law.


§2 Terms

  1. Website – the website available under the following address https://rebelhorn.com.
  2. Administrator – POWERBIKE S.A., with its registered office in Dąbrowa, 62-070 Dopiewo, Batorowska 20 street, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the Regional Court for the City of Poznań – Nowe Miasto i Wilda, VIII Commercial Division under KRS number: 0000398622 and TIN number: 7811756729, share capital in the amount of 1.737.500,00zł – paid up.
  3. User – the person that uses Services provided on the Website according to the rules determined in Terms and Conditions.
  4. Services – all services provided on the Website for the User.


§ 3 Services provided on the Website

  1. Rebelhorn.com is a Website about motorisation. The Website offers the following services:
    a) access to a database of motorization stores,
    b) access to a product catalogue currently in the Administrator’s offer,
    c) delivery of a newsletter with advice on motorcycle riding techniques, product reviews and news from the world of motorcycles.
  2. Services provided on the Website can be changed in terms of content and range.
  3. Services mentioned in pt. 1 are free of charge.
  4. Services mentioned in pt. 1 c are provided by specialists.
  5. The administrator reserves the right to choose types, forms, dates and the way of allowing access to Services that are free of charge.
  6. The Administrator undertakes to provide Services with due care and diligence, however, it should be noted that the Website is of informative and not commercial nature, and the Administrator is not responsible for possible damage resulting from the User’s use of free advice and information available on the Website.
  7. The restriction does not cover damage done to the User on purpose.


§4 Rights and duties of the User

  1. The User can post comments under products on the Website, if the Website functionality allows for that.
  2. It is forbidden for the User to post content that’s against the law and violates personal rights of others as well as threats or other content that can be considered criminal.
  3. It is forbidden for the User to post race, religion, gender, and ethnicity offending content, or that relating to other differences or calling for violence.
  4. It is forbidden for the User to impersonate, post content commonly considered unmoral, socially wrong as well as content that violates rules of etiquette.
  5. It is forbidden for the User to post content protected by copyright – without the author’s consent.
  6. It is forbidden for the User to post advertising and/or commercial materials – without the written consent of the Administrator.


§5 Rights and duties of the Administrator

  1. The Administrator shall do its best to make sure that the Website is working at an optimal level.
  2. The User can report all questions and comments to the following address: contact@rebelhorn.com.
  3. The Administrator shall do its best to make sure that the Users adhere to duties discussed in §4. If violation of such duties is noticed by any User, each of them has the right to notify the Administrator about such violation at – contact@rebelhorn.com.
  4. The Administrator undertakes to review the notification discussed in pt. 3 within 7 days after receiving it and inform the notifying individuals about the way of settling it, also in that period of time.


§6 Copyright

  1. The Administrator owns all Website copyrights.
  2. It is forbidden for the User or any third party to copy, reproduce or send elements of graphics or content of legal and psychological advice in any form and in any way without the written consent of the Administrator.


§7 Final provisions

  1. All cases related to the use of the Website are regulated by applicable provisions of the law of the Republic of Poland.
  2. Terms and Conditions do not exclude or limit any consumer rights given to consumers pursuant to mandatory provisions of the law. If there’s conflict between provisions of Terms and Conditions and the mandatory provisions of the law that grant consumers specific rights, such provisions shall prevail.
  3. If you want to find out more about the rules of privacy protection on our Website, read the Privacy Policy available under the following address: https://rebelhorn.com/privacy-policy/