Introducing the Rebelhorn Hunter II motorcycle jacket, the latest iteration of our iconic model. This jacket seamlessly blends modern technology with classic design, redefining the essence of motorcycle style. Crafted for those who value both looks and safety, the Hunter II is your perfect ride companion.

Classic Look, Modern Comfort

Available in two color options—classic black and vintage brown—the Hunter II caters to every rider's taste. And now, we also have a women’s version ready for all the lady riders out there!

Made from top-quality goat leather in vintage brown or robust cowhide in black, this jacket not only ensures durability but also gives every rider a unique, timeless look.

Design at Its Finest

Our designers have paid attention to every detail, from the zipper to the collar, ensuring the Hunter II maintains the beloved style of its predecessor. With carefully chosen materials and an ageless design, this jacket is more than just protective gear—it’s a statement of individuality. Plus, it boasts numerous eye-catching details just waiting to be discovered.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in the Rebelhorn Hunter II. Equipped with Level 2 certified protectors at the elbows, shoulders, and back, this jacket offers top-notch protection for those who refuse to compromise on safety.

Comfort Meets Functionality

The Hunter II isn’t just about protection; it’s packed with practical features for everyday use. A ventilation system with two adjustable chest vents keeps you cool on warmer days. The short connecting zipper and additional straps prevent the jacket from riding up, enhancing both safety and comfort. Plus, it pairs effortlessly with any motorcycle jeans.

Convenient Storage

Understanding the needs of everyday riders, the Hunter II comes with four external and two internal pockets. These provide ample space for essentials like your wallet and phone, ensuring you’re always prepared.

The Perfect Ride Companion

The Rebelhorn Hunter II is designed to meet the needs of modern motorcyclists. Combining classic design with advanced technologies and premium materials, it’s built to satisfy even the most demanding riders. Whether you’re planning a long journey or a short city ride, the Hunter II offers the protection, style, and comfort you’re looking for.