Rebel Rebelhorn's newest motorcycle suit starts to hit the roads. Hence many motorcyclists wonder whether it is worth their interest. The answer may surprise you.

Motocycle suits for two types of bikers

But first, why do bikers need motorcycle suits? Some of them need it to ensure the highest possible level of safety and at least minimal comfort while riding a two-wheeled machine. The others are driven by the desire to wear premium brand clothing.

Are you a leather jacket type?

It is typical that the former ones usually grind knee protectors with asphalt, while the latter carefully scrape them with files. Because that's how it is that people can be divided into conservative poseurs and dynamic hunters. This can often be observed early in life. While the former will go to the school disco, thinking whether he has chosen a shirt matching the most fashionable jacket, the latter will be already leaving it in his old leather jacket, leading miss class by the hand.

A suit designed for rebels

It is exactly the kind of rebels, walking their own way, following the voice of their heart that the Rebel suit was created for. It is amazing how brilliant the Rebelhorn managed to combine the latest technology with the legacy of the old days. The days when motorcyclists were people like the Maverick from Top Gun or Christmas from the Expendables.

Safety by Rebel

The creators of the Rebel motorcycle suit set the bar for safety at a very high level. They left compromises to the stylists, while protection guaranteed by this leather suit was of top priority.

Leather perforation in Rebel motorcycle suit

A first glance at the product already dispelled my doubts about Rebelhorn's novelty. The immortal topic – a leather perforation. Even children know that it is the weakest around holes and seams. Still, there are suits in which the two elements, critical to the strength of the bovine product, overlap. I couldn’t understand why producers shoot themselves in the foot by designing it this way.

Luckily, the Rebel has perforation margins that end before the seams, which on top of that are also secured with Kevlar.The second thing is the shoulders. That’s what hurts the most after a fall from the motorcycle.

Not without a reason, there is a lot of talk about shoulder problems Marc Marquez experiences. That is why I always look very carefully at the shoulder protectors of the suits. The thin pads I usually find there, be it the most technologically advanced materials, still fill me with doubts. The Rebel has solid external block protectors in these areas, which greatly increases confidence in the jacket's construction.

Rebelhorn motorcycle suit is equipped with a package of the highest quality Sas-Tec CE-level 2 protectors, adjustable elbow protectors, and a system allowing chest protection. The manufacturer used Kevlar panels, synthetic ray leather inserts, and the best available elastic materials to ensure comfort.

The Rebel suit look

Today, the motorcycle suit is the showpiece of a motorcyclist. It goes without saying that appearance is one of the important factors determining the purchase of a given product. That's why I took a very careful look at the Rebel’s design in terms of the impression it makes.

I expected aggressive nonchalance and no attempt to polite it. I counted on the fact that the designers would not decide to build a sense of security with its appearance since the parameters absolutely exempt them from this obligation. I was not mistaken - the design is really dope.

Comfort in the Rebelhorn Rebel suit

Writing about comfort in this type of leather motorcycle suit is a bit like selling books of poetry to short-haired fans at a soccer game - it raises some doubts.

I want to stress, however, that after packing myself into this marvel, I still managed to straighten my legs, which is not that obvious. The movements necessary while driving a motorcycle was not limited.

Perhaps if I wanted to scratch my eye I might have a problem, but I reached the steering wheel freely. I also managed the helmet without any problems. Due to the prevailing aura, it was difficult for me to address ventilation more broadly. I can honestly praise the vest, though. The manufacturer adds it as standard to the Rebel jacket. Its task is to protect against excessive ventilation capacity. It can be worn under or over a suit. It works effectively, providing a lot of comfort.

Is it worth buying a Rebelhorn Rebel motorcycle suit?

Why is the answer to this question surprising? I remember buying my first motorcycle boots. I chose a budget brand, but pride and ambition hurt me like a splinter in the buttock. Therefore, after a year, I became the owner of premium brand shoes. And this is the aforementioned surprise because, besides the manufacturer's logo, they were almost identical. That is why today I set my priorities differently.